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GCDS was previously called GADS - Google Apps Directory Sync.

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How to configure Google Cloud Directory sync for Hāpara

If your domain uses GCDS - Google Cloud Directory Sync, you must set up a few exclusion rules to prevent crucial groups and users from being deleted. To do so, we recommend the following exclusion rules:

  • User(s) named school.apps.owner (including school level, eg. code) 
  • Group named
  • Group email addresses that start with td. (include period)
  • Group email addresses that end with -<year_suffix>

These exclusions will cover all users and groups that Hāpara creates and uses. To set up these exclusion rules, see the steps below. (You can also find detailed information on GCDS exclusions in this article from Google.)

Excluding the school.apps.owner Account

  1. Go to your Google Cloud Directory Sync console.
  2. Click Google Domain Configuration from the left bar.
  3. Click the Exclusion Rules tab on the top: gads_1.png
  4. Click Add Exclusion Rule at the bottom of the page.
  5. Set the Type to User Email Address.
  6. Set the Match Type to Substring Match.
  7. In the Exclusion Rule field, type school.apps.owner (or whatever username your school chose to use for this account).
  8. Click OK.
  9. Click Save Changes.

Excluding System Groups

  1. Create a new rule.
  2. Set the Type to Group Email Address.
  3. Set the Match Type to Substring Match.
  4. In the Exclusion Rule field, type 'td.'
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Save Changes.

Excluding Class Groups

  1. Create a new rule.
  2. Set the Type to Group Email Address.
  3. Set the Match Type to Substring Match.
  4. In the Exclusion Rule field, type the Academic Year Suffix
    • Eg: '-1920' or '-2020'. We recommend creating rules to prepare for future years, so that GCDS will not delete new groups when you change your Academic Year Suffix.
    • Simply repeat the steps above using subsequent year suffixes, such as '-1920' or '-2020'.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Testing Your Exclusion Rules

To prevent any accidental deletions, run a test sync by clicking Simulate Sync on the Sync menu. This will show any changes a sync would make, so you can ensure that no groups or users are accidentally deleted.

Important: If you ever discover that your Google Cloud Directory Sync has deleted the school.apps.owner account or any other Hāpara-created groups or users, please contact our support team immediately. 

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