How do I add an image to a Workspace card? Follow

Teachers can add images to any Workspace card to improve visual appeal and add some personalization, while students can add images to Evidence cards to submit written or illustrated work. Workspace even accepts animated GIFs for that extra bit of personalization!

Note: The image ratio is 2:1 for Workspace card thumbnails, so something like 800 x 400 works great.

To add an image to a Workspace card, just open the card and select the:

  • Upload icon to add an image from your Hard drive
  • Google Drive icon to add an image from your Google Drive
  • Link icon to add an image from the internet, eg: flaticon or imgur


Example of adding an image from a link to a Workspace card:



Creating your own images

Adding images to a Workspace can increase visual appeal, but just adding images for the sake of adding images can sometimes lead to chaos! A lack of images can be uninspiring, however too many images can be over stimulating, so striking a balance is key! One of the ways you can achieve balance is by creating your own images.

There are numerous ways you can go about creating your own images. Some people prefer Google Drawings while others enjoy working in Canva. Hapara Workspace maestro, Beth Still, prefers working in Google Slides.

There are several reasons why Slides is a popular choice for designing Workspace image headers, mainly:

  • It is easy to apply the 2:1 ratio so images show perfectly as a Workspace card thumbnail.
  • The basic editing tools built into Slides are great, allowing users to mask images, adjust the transparency of an image, and add text over images.
  • There are a number of fun fonts built into Slides, and who doesn't love a fun font!?

But most of all, while it is possible to do all of these things in Canva, Google Drawings, and many other platforms, Slides allows you to keep all of your images headers in a single presentation which is incredibly handy as a reference doc! If you ever want to modify an image slightly while keeping the original, all you have to do is make a copy of the slide!

Beth has put together a Google Slide template to help get you started with creating your own Workspace images, please feel free to make a copy!

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