How do I add and edit Workspace cover images? Follow

Adding a cover image to your Workspace can make it more engaging and make it easier for students to find in the Student Dashboard. 

Note: This feature is only available to teachers using the updated Workspace interface that was released in beta in March 2020. 

You can add cover images from the My Workspaces homepage by clicking on the pencil icon in the box on the left side of the Workspace tile. 


This will open the image selector. You can search through thousands of stock images using keywords from your Workspace, or by selecting one of the subject filters below the search box.


Click on the image you would like to use to select it. On the next screen, use the cropping tool to adjust the size. If you’d like, you can edit image alt text for students using screen readers. Once the image is set up how you’d like, select “Save”. 


To change an image once you’ve saved it, simply click on the pencil icon and search for a new image.

Students using the updated Student Dashboard (also currently in beta release) will see the images in the Workspace tab. 


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