Add and manage sections in your Workspaces Follow

Adding sections to your Workspace is a helpful way to break up large Workspaces for extended projects or units.

Sections allow you to group cards across columns, keeping your lessons and your learners more organized!

Create additional sections on your Workspace


Creating Sections

To create a section, click the "Add section" bar. This bar appears above and below the last section you created.

1. Type a name for the section and click outside the bar to save the name.


2. Drag the cards you want into the new section.

3. These cards are now part of the section.

Editing & Removing Sections

Editing Section name

To Edit a section just click on the Section name or click on the 'Edit' icon towards the right of the section name. 

Remove Section

Sections can be removed by clicking on the 'Trash' icon that appears when you hover over the Section bar.  

If a section that is being removed has cards in it, they are not removed but instead will be moved up to the un-sectioned area right at the top of the Workspace.  You can then move them again to another section if needed.

Move Section

To move a section, just click and drag the section to wherever you would like to place it in your Workspace. For example, if you want to move a newly created section to the top of the page, just create your section as described above, then drag it to the top of the Workspace.

Things to remember:

  • Cards can only be dragged into the same column in a new section. 
  • You can add as many sections as you wish.


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