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Workspace groups allow teachers to support collaborative, differentiated learning. Teachers have flexibility to create groups as small or as large as they wish, from just one student to pairs of students to the whole class. Teachers can create groups in a variety of ways. They can base groups on students’ reading levels, different research topics that students may be working on, targeted skills and strategies that different groupings of students are working on, or other individual needs.

It’s important to note that, unlike groups in Hapara Dashboard, the names of groups in Workspace that students belong to are visible to students. Therefore, while teachers might want label groups in Dashboard according to student ability or special needs (i.e. “struggling readers”), they will probably want to name groups differently on a Workspace because of this increased visibility.

Workspace groups encourage student communication and collaboration by allowing students not only to see the other members of their groups but also by allowing them to email the other members of their groups directly from the “Groups” area of the Workspace page.

Teachers can create up to 200 groups in Workspace, allowing even the largest classes to have collaborative Workspaces.

Teachers can create groups by clicking either the “Students and Groups” tab at the top of the Workspace page, or by clicking the “Edit Students & Groups” gear button in the menu on the left side of the Workspace page in the “Groups” area.

Clicking on either of these areas will bring you to your Students and Groups page, where you can drag and drop students into different groups and edit the group names and colors.

To change group colors and names, click on the three dot drop down menu in the upper right corner of the group card.

Learn more about adding learners to groups here.

This video describes one way to use groups to differentiate learning:

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