Adding Learners to Groups in Workspace Follow

In Workspace, Groups can be used to personalize learning, differentiate instruction or to enable collaboration between students. A Workspace Card can be assigned to any number of groups. 

There are two ways to add learners to Groups, automatically or manually.

Quick start/Automatic Grouping:

Workspace has a quick start feature that automatically adds all the learners from a class to be a Group when the Workspace is created. If two classes are selected then a Group will be created for each class.

Manual Grouping:

If you would prefer to manually assign learners to groups, you can do so by:

  1. Selecting “I’ll create my own groups” when creating a Workspace:


  2. When in the Workspace, click into Students & Groups


  3. Click New group:


  4. Add a name for your Group and change the assigned color if you’d like, then click Next. Note that this Group name will be visible to learners in the Group.


  5. On the left-hand side of the page is a list of your classes, Class Groups and learners. You can drag and drop learners, Groups of learners, or an entire class from this list on the left into the Groups you have created on the right.


  6. Once you’ve created Groups, when you go back to the Workspace, you will see the Groups listed under the "Groups" heading. Clicking on the arrow will show all the learners in that Group.

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