Protecting Student Privacy using Highlights IP Restrictions Follow

Hapara Highlights provides teachers with insight into what their students are doing online, in the moment - helping teachers guide students to appropriate use of their devices. Hapara can restrict data collection and teacher visibility to appropriate times and places. Most schools only allow monitoring during school hours and only while students are connected to the school network.

If your Highlights configuration does not restrict data collection to student devices connected to your school network, we strongly recommend that domain administrators only allow device monitoring during school hours and only while devices are connected to the school network(s).


Without IP restrictions that limit Highlights function to your school network(s), teachers and administrators could gain inappropriate access to personal information.  For example, if a student who is home sick connects to their school account, their teacher could see content of all tabs open in their browser - including material that may not be appropriate at school, or tabs opened by other household members with access to the device (ie. banking sites, etc.).

While it may be desirable for teachers to have visibility to student devices while they are off the school network, the privacy risks are significant, and we encourage you to enable IP Restrictions. (see directions below).

Hapara does not have enough information about your school network to enable this by default. We recognize that there may be valid scenarios where visibility into student Chrome browsing activity off-campus is the desirable behavior for unique education situations.

Enabling IP location restrictions

  1. Check with your network provider / specialist to find out the “public IP address range” used by your school network.  This is the Internet address (or range) that all outbound connections to the Internet originate from.
  2. Validate the above address by visiting while logged into a student device on each of the school networks you will enable, and searching for “what is my IP address.” The address shown by Google should match the above.
  3. Open the Hapara configuration page at
  4. In the “Highlights IP Restriction” section, enter each IP address (or a range) that you wish to enable and ‘Save’. This page shows how to enter a range. 


  • Changes can take up to a day to propagate across your network.
  • Outside of the specified IP addresses, the Highlights extension will not be active on devices and will not provide details of activity on a device or support other Highlights functionality.
  • With this setting enabled, students who are connecting their devices via a nearby open Wifi network (Starbucks, McDonald’s, etc.), at home, or via their phone’s 3G/LTE connection will not be monitored by Highlights.  


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