Privacy: Time/ IP Restrictions Follow

For new customers, the Time/ IP restrictions are configured during the initial setup session with the Hapara Implementation Team. They will give you access to your Hapara Admin Console so you can complete these steps.

Hapara Highlights has two features for restricting the student activity that can be seen by teachers. The features are:

  • Highlights Time Restriction
  • Highlights IP Restriction


IMPORTANT: All Hapara customers MUST restrict the function of Highlights to school networks unless otherwise contracted.


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Highlights Installation Guide
1. Setting G Suite for Education Policies   6. Shared Device Best Practices (Optional) 
2. Pushing Out the Student Extension   7. Privacy: Time/IP Restrictions (Viewing)
3. Verifying Student Extension Connectivity  8. Enabling Highlights 
4. Network Access/Whitelisting  9. Highlights Browser Compatibility  
5. G Suite for Education Device Settings (Optional)  
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