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Hapara Highlights is a browser-based application that helps teachers see what learners are doing in near-real-time in their Chrome browser. Highlights uses a Chrome extension installed on each student device.

Highlights promotes positive teacher-learner engagement with increased opportunities for formative assessment in the moment and reinforcement of pro-learning behaviors. Highlights was not designed as a command and control, comprehensive filtering and monitoring system. The teacher’s ability to control student devices is limited and short term by design. Stronger pre-emptive interventions such as blacklisting, session recording, and longitudinal history tracking are not part of Highlights.


To ensure proper functionality, Highlights must be installed exactly as shown in this guide. This set up process can take anywhere between 20 - 90 minutes. It can be completed in chunks, but none of the steps should be skipped. Skipping any steps could cause loss of functionality and/or performance.


Please note: The following screenshots may vary slightly if you have a device licensed account. Please be aware when you try to compare screens as you follow this guide.


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Highlights Installation Guide
1. Setting G Suite for Education Policies  6. Shared Device Best Practices (Optional) 
2. Pushing Out the Student Extension  7. Privacy: Time/IP Restrictions 
3. Verifying Student Extension Connectivity  8. Enabling Highlights 
4. Network Access/Whitelisting  9. Highlights Browser Compatibility  
5. G Suite for Education Device Settings (Optional)   
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