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The Manage Classes page

Note: My Hidden Classes tab is no longer available as a separate sub tab. You can still Hide and Show Classes in your My Classes list by using the star next to the class name.

My Classes

The My Classes tab shows all of a user's classes which have been starred.

Moving a Class

Within the My Classes tab, you can arrange your classes in a custom order. To do so, just click and drag the class to the spot you would like it to appear whenever you open the page. For example, you could arrange your classes so that they are ordered by the time of day the class starts.

All Classes

The All Classes tab contains all classes that a teacher has access to. Classes that have been starred appear in My Classes, classes that are not starred will be found in All Classes.

This tab has a search bar that lets teachers find classes by name or ID.

Hiding/showing classes

The ability to hide classes is now based on whether the class is starred or not starred.  

Hiding a Class

If you have a list of classes in My Classes that you wish to hide, please untick the star by clicking on it.  This will effectively hide the class from your default list in the My Classes page.  

Showing a Class

When you want the Class to return to your default My Classes list, please go to the All Classes sub-tab, find the class from the list and click on the star to Star that class again. This will make it appear in your My Classes list by default. 

Class colors and nicknames

How to color classes:

    1. Click the Edit Class button


    2. Choose Color, click the Save button for your desired class color.




Note: Class colors are specific to individual teachers.

How to nickname classes:

     1. Click the Edit Class button


     2. Replace your class's name with your desired nickname by typing into the text field


     3. Click the Save button to save your class's nickname.


  • Class nicknames are specific to individual teachers.
  • Class nicknames do not affect how classes are loaded.
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