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Hapara and Google Classroom can be linked, making it easier to manage students and classes. When this feature is enabled, Google Classroom classes can be synced into Hapara, allowing teachers to use Hapara Dashboard, Workspace and Highlights with their Google Classroom classes.

Educator Beth Still shares how she uses Google Classroom and Hapara together to streamline learning here.

For Admins

How to enable Google Classroom Sync

*Note - This feature requires the latest Google Classroom API Scope. If you have not yet enabled this scope by reauthorizing Hapara on your Google domain, please do so. More information on this can be found here

To enable syncing between Google Classroom and Hapara, follow the steps below: Enabling Google Classroom Sync allows teachers to import their class rosters from Google Classroom and use Hapara Dashboard, Highlights (if the student extension is installed), and Workspace with these classes.

  1. Log in to the Hapara Admin Console.
  2. Browse to the Configuration menu option
  3. Browse to the Optional Settings menu option
  4. Select the Class Management link
  5. Under the Sync with Google Classroom section, check the option "Allow teachers to sync Google Classroom classes into Hapara" shown below



Workarounds if Google Classroom Sync is not enabled

There is also a workaround to allow teachers to import Classroom rosters into existing Hapara classes if Google Classroom Sync has not been enabled. They can do so with the following steps:

  1. Go to Google Classroom and navigate to the main class page.
  2. Choose an assignment that has been sent to all students in the class. If none exists, create a new assignment for the whole class.
  3. Select the assignment, then click Download > This assignment. This will download a CSV file to your computer with information on the students and grades.
  4. Open the CSV file, and copy the student emails from the Email Address column.
  5. Open the corresponding class in Hapara Dashboard, and go to Class Info.
  6. Click Add Students, then paste the list of student emails from step 4 and submit. This will add the students from Classroom into Hapara Dashboard.

Important note: In order for the above steps to work, all students must already be loaded into the Hapara system (but not necessarily in any classes). To ensure that all students are available to be added, enter their emails into a spreadsheet with an Email header and load via the Hapara Data Loader. This will add all listed students into the system so that they are available to be added to classes manually.


For Teachers

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How to sync classes from Google Classroom into Hapara

To connect your Google Classroom Classes to Hapara, follow the steps below: 

  • Browse to Manage Classes.
  • Select Add A Class from the menu options, or at the end of the list of classes as shown below


Choose the Sync Classes menu option 

  • Select the classes you wish to sync into Hapara Dashboard, and then select Add Classrooms

  • The Google Classroom Classes will show on the Manage Classes page with a Google Classroom icon showing

How to remove a Google Classroom Class from Hapara

To disconnect your Google Classroom Class from Hapara, follow the steps below: 

  • Browse to Manage Classes.
  • Select the class you'd like to disconnect/remove from Hapara and go to Class Info 
  • Select the Edit Class button
  • From the options shown, choose Deactivate Class, this will remove the class from Hapara Dashboard (but not impact the class in Google Classroom)



How to add co-teachers to a Google Classroom Class

Adding co-teachers to Google Classroom Classes can be done in Google Classroom by going to the About tab and choosing the Invite Teachers option.

On the Class Info page in Hapara, select the Sync Class option at the top right corner to update the class.



How to add students to a Google Classroom Class

Adding students to Google Classroom Classes can be done in Google Classroom by going to the Students tab and either choosing the Invite Students option, or copying the class code and providing that to students.

On the Class Info page in Hapara, select the Sync Class option at the top right corner to update the class.




Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I use existing Classroom folders when I load classes from Google Classroom?

When Google Classroom Sync is enabled contents of the existing Classroom folders will be shown in Dashboard. Smartshare is not yet enabled for classes synced from Google Classroom.


What happens to Classroom folders when a Hapara Dashboard class is archived?

Archiving does not impact Google Classroom classes that have been synced into Hapara. Google Classroom Classes can be removed from Hapara by going to Class Info, selecting Edit Class, and choosing the Deactivate Class option.


How can I see the assignments I've created in Google Classroom on Hapara Dashboard?

Assignment documents created in Google Classroom will show in Dashboard in the same way the contents of other class folders do. 


What happens to Classroom assignments in Hapara Dashboard when they are turned in?

Assignments submitted or turned in via Google Classroom will continue to be seen on the Hapara Dashboard.


Is the Classroom Stream visible in Hapara Dashboard?

The Classroom Stream is not yet visible in Hapara Dashboard.


Can I grade assignments in Hapara Dashboard like I can in Classroom?

Grading is not yet available in Hapara Dashboard, however it is available in Hapara Workspace. 


Teachers are not able to sync classes into Hapara from Google Classroom, what do I do?

If the Administrator has enabled Google Classroom Sync for the domain or school but teachers are not able to successfully sync their Google Classroom Classes into Hapara, check the following:

Open the Google Admin Console navigate to Apps > Marketplace Apps > Settings for Hapara Teacher Dashboard

Ensure data access is "granted" by clicking "Grant data access" as shown in the example below.



How can I ensure that new Classroom assignments automatically appear on Hapara Dashboard if I don't have Google Classroom Sync enabled?

Hapara Dashboard displays all documents that both exist within the student's subject folder (at any level) and are editable by the student. By default, because Classroom student folders exist outside of Hapara Dashboard folders, they won't automatically appear in the same "Dashboard" view. To configure the folder structure so that Classroom assignments automatically display in Dashboard, the Classroom folders need to exist within their corresponding Hapara Dashboard folders.

Unfortunately, because only students have access to their Classroom folders, students must move these folders themselves. They can do so with the following steps:

  1. Open Drive.
  2. Open the folder organization for My Drive on the left-hand navigation bar.
  3. Drag the folder for the class from the Classroom folder into the folder in My Drive corresponding to the Hapara Dashboard folder. The below diagram displays an example of this:

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