Classes Spreadsheet Column Headers Follow

Rather than creating spreadsheet headers manually as described here, we recommend using the Manual Configuration page and downloading the pre-populated spreadsheet templates.

Below is a list of the column headers that can be used in Teacher Dashboard classes spreadsheets. These values are not case-sensitive. See below for descriptions along with a couple of examples of how to populate each column.


The Mailbox value appears before the "@" in the email address of the Google Group created for a class. This value must end with the current academic year suffix, and it can only contain characters that are valid for email addresses. The mailbox values must be unique for each class in your domain.



This is the name of a class. It will be used as the display name of the class in Teacher Dashboard, the name of the Google Group for the class, and the name of the class folder. It must be unique for each class in your domain and must end in the current academic year suffix.



Using this column will set a description on the class's group. This Google Group description is located in your Google Apps domain and won't be visible in Teacher Dashboard.



This is a comma-separated list of email addresses belonging to the teachers that will be added to each class. It can be a single teacher or multiple teachers.


Subject Folder

This is a comma-separated list of student subject folders required for the class. It can specify a single folder or multiple. See this article for more information on naming subject folders.


Gmail Viewers

This is a comma-separated list of IDs of Google Groups that have access to the Gmail Viewer. It is only applicable if Gmail Viewer is enabled.


Student Sites

Note: Due to limited API access, Hapara cannot support new version Google Sites, but does support Classic Google Sites.

This specifies whether to display student Google Site activity, and which site to use as a template for creating student sites. Teachers will be able to monitor the created student sites on Teacher Dashboard. See this article for more on how this works.


Student Blogs

This column specifies which student blog to show in Teacher Dashboard. See this article for more on how this works.



This is the name of the calendar to be created or linked for a class. Usually, it is set to the same value as the "Name" column. Note:

  • Multiple classes can share a single Calendar, just enter the same calendar name for each class you'd like to share a calendar.
  • Classes can utilise an already created Google Calendar, just enter the name of any existing Google Calendar to add this Class teachers as writers to the pre-existing calendar. Any students added to this class will be given read access of this pre-existing calendar.


School ID

This is the unique identifier of the school that a class belongs to. It is only applicable if School Separation is enabled. See this article for more on how this works.


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