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Choosing a load method

The Hāpara Instructional Suite is an incredibly flexible set of tools that you can customize to meet the specific needs of your school or district. 

The first place you can do this is by deciding how you want to load your data into Hāpara. You have several options:

  • Manual load with spreadsheets
  • cURL load
  • SIS sync (Clever, Powerschool, RIC One, ClassLink Roster)
  • Hāpara create class
  • Google Classroom sync

Each load method has pros and cons in terms of how easy it is to upload and maintain your data. Your load method also has instructional implications because it impacts what Hāpara functionality is available to you. 

This document lays out all of these considerations for you. 

Using multiple load methods

You can use multiple methods. A common approach is to use Sync to update information daily from the SIS, and also use Manual Loads to occasionally load other information which is not in the SIS.

All load methods are of equal importance. Meaning, if a class is loaded by one method and then later also loaded by a different method, the second load will override the first load’s changes to that class.

For specific instructions on how to complete each load method, click the links below. 

How to load your data

For instructions on how to load your data, view the page(s) for the method(s) you chose.

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