What is archiving? Follow

At the end of the academic year, Hapara recommends archiving the completed year's courses. Archiving removes courses from visibility on Hapara Dashboard, and leaves a blank slate for new class and student loads in preparation for the new academic year.

When a course is archived, the student subject folders for that course are renamed to include the academic year suffix, and removed from the student's Google Drive root folder.

Eg: A student's 'English' subject folder for the year 2014, would be renamed to 'English-2014'.

If the above example student takes an English course in the new year, a new English folder is made for the student and shared with the course teacher. The historical English folder is still available in the student drive, but is filed in the appropriate academic year suffix folder.

Archived class content always remains accessible in Google Drive, even when the class is removed from Hapara Dashboard.

You can find more detailed information about what archiving does here.


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