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How do I add or remove students from my class?

In most instances, teachers do not need to add or remove students manually; Hapara Dashboard receives this information from your Student Management System and automatically handles the updates.

Because this synchronization is not possible in some cases, Hapara Dashboard can be configured to let teachers add and remove students via the Class Info tab for a class.

Read our Adding and removing Learners or co-teachers article to learn more.


Can I sort the students on the Dashboard alphabetically?

Yes! The sort button is near the top right corner of the Dashboard. Clicking this button will open the sort students panel, which lets you do the following:

  • Sort students alphabetically based on their first or last names.
  • Adjust the above sorts so that it is done in a descending order, or to list the students across the dashboard instead of down the dashboard.
  • Apply the students order from another dashboard onto the current panel.
Once you have applied a sort order to the students on the dashboard, the order will be saved. The next time you come into the same dashboard for the same class, it will display the students in the same order.

Why does Highlights say that my students are "not connected" when they are online?

If no students in your class are showing up on Highlights, then the issue is likely a configuration problem, and you should contact your Hapara Administrator.

If some students are showing errors, then we recommend running a Highlights Diagnostic Test from the student device to isolate the issue further.


I keep getting emails about students sharing documents with me.

This indicates that students are sharing documents with you by manually "sharing" the doc. If you encourage students to move the document into the right subject folder instead, this will share the document without sending you an email.


How do students access Hapara Dashboard?

Students cannot access Hapara Dashboard. Hapara Dashboard provides structure for their work in Google Apps and visibility to the teacher. A student using Google Drive, for example, will find subject folders for each of their classes already in place. Similarly, Google Calendar will show a student's class calendars.

If your school uses Hapara Workspace, students can access their Workspaces via


What folders should students see for my class?

This depends on how the class is set up. In an elementary or middle school, a "Room 12" class might cover multiple subjects, like Reading, Writing and Math. As a result, each student in Room 12 will have a Reading, Writing, and Math folder.

In a high school, however, a class often corresponds to a single subject: "Y9 Algebra II", for example, would only cover Algebra II. Each student enrolled in a class will have a set of these subject folders created for them: while the high school student would see Algebra II.

The subject folders made for a student are only visible to the student and teacher. To make access easier for students, subject folders appear in the My Drive section of Google Drive. Subject folders are actually owned by the school account, rather than the student; the student retains ownership of documents and subfolders they place within.

For more about folders in Hapara Dashboard, please see Hapara Dashboard in Google Drive.

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