Capturing Information From Browser Developer Tools Follow

Please following these instructions to capture information from the Browser Developer Tools:

1. Navigate to the page, to the point just before the issue occurs.  Right click on the browser page, and select “Inspect”:


2. The Developer Tools window will appear, either as part of your browser, or in a pop up window. Click on the “Console” tab, and ensure that the “Preserve log” option is enabled.


3. Click on the “Network” tab and ensure that the “Preserve log” option on this page is enabled.


4. Now replicate the action that causes the issue.


5. While at the Network tab look for network request errors, these are displayed in red:


6. Click on the red link on the bottom left and capture the request Headers and Response tabs on the right by taking a screenshot. Please email the screenshot to the Hapara support team. If the content for the headers or response tabs is too large to be captured in a screenshot you can also select it and copy and paste into an email then email it to Hapara support.


7. Similarly for the console tab view, look for any red error entries, take a screenshot or copy/paste contents into an email and email it to Hapara support: 

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