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Why you should set Google sign in policies

To provide a consistent and positive Hāpara experience, it's important that policies set in the Google Admin Console apply to all students. Preventing students from signing into multiple Google accounts at once on their Chromebook will decrease avoidance of these set policies.
These Google policies are configured at an Administrator level, if you are a teacher and you have found multiple users logged into same device, please see this support article.

How to prevent students from using multiple Google accounts

  1. Log into the G Suite Admin Console at
  2. From the Home page, click on Devices
  3. Click on Chrome Management
  4. Click on User & browser settings
  5. Select an OU containing students
  6. Scroll to the User Experience heading
  7. Using the Multiple sign-in access drop-down menu, select the Block multiple sign-in access for users in this organization option


  8. At the top of the screen, click Save

Additional Google device policies to consider

As an administrator, you also may want to prevent users from signing in to Google services using any accounts other than those you have provided them with (i.e. Please see the full Google article for more details, or read below:

To only allow users from specific domains to access Google services on devices running Chrome OS:

  1. Log into the G Suite Admin Console at
  2. From the Admin Console home page, go to Devices > Chrome management.
    If you don't see Devices on the Home page, click More controls at the bottom.
  3. Click User & browser settings.
  4. Select a student organizational unit.
  5. Go to User experience  > Sign-in to secondary accounts.
  6. Click the link to revert to the classic version of the Admin console.
  7. Go to User experience > Sign-in to secondary accounts.
  8. Select Block users from signing in to or out of secondary Google Accounts if you wish to restrict logins to the school email only.


  9. Otherwise, select Allow users to sign-in only to the G Suite domains set below if you would like to specify multiple domains students can log in to.
    (Optional) To see a list of your domains, click organization’s domains under the domain list box.
  10. Enter the list of all of your organization’s domains. If you don’t, your users might not have access to Google services.
    (Optional) To include other types of accounts, enter the following text in the list:
    • For consumer Google Accounts, such as and, add consumer_accounts.
    • For authenticated service accounts, add
  11. Click Save.

Also, consider setting additional device policies:

You may also want to Force students to login to their Chrome Browser session

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