Letting Teachers Manage Class Enrollments Follow

Teachers and Learners can be added and removed from Hapara Dashboard in two different ways:

  1. Manage classes and enrollments via Hapara Data Loader (Admin or SIS sync dependant)
  2. Enable teachers to manage co-teachers and learners through the Class Info page 

 If Teachers or learners are added via the Class Info page and a data load is run subsequently, the changes made via the Class Info page will take precedence.

This means that data loads will NOT overwrite changes made on the Class Info page.

This holds for all data loads run using the Data Loader section of the Hapara Admin Console - whether using the Manual, Sync or URL load method.



Manage co-teachers and learners through the Class Info page

Teachers can add students and co-teachers to classes from the Class Info page if enabled by the Hapara Administrator. This is a fantastic way to empower teachers to manage their class enrollments.

To add a teacher or student to a class via Class Info:

  1. They must have an existing School email, and meet these mandatory requirements:
    Teacher emails Student emails
    Must not be a member of td.students Must be a member of td.students

    If create class is enabled:
    Must be a member the Teacher's Google Group

    Must not be a member the Teacher's Google Group

  2. A Hapara Administrator must enable the Class Management feature in the Hapara Admin Console:
    Hapara Admin Console > Optional Settings > Class Management 

    These optional settings can be enabled or disabled as often as you need.


Adding learners to td.students

A Domain Administrator can add learner emails to td.students directly via the Google Admin Console, or to bulk add students we recommend a manual load via the Hapara Data Loader:

  1. Make a class spreadsheet to give each of your teachers a class or two (or three) in Dashboard:
    • The class Mailbox and Name values can be simple, such as "<teacher_name>-1-1516". Just ensure that they are unique.
    • The Subject Folders value can also be simple, as you can always give classes additional subject folders down the road.
    • Upload that spreadsheet via your Hapara admin console.
    • Let your teachers rename their classes to whatever they like. To do so, they'll click the button to the right of a class name on the My Classes tab, and then click Rename.
  2. Make a student spreadsheet with just one column: Email.
    • In that column, list all of your students' email addresses—one student per row.
    • Upload that spreadsheet via your Hapara admin console.
    • Be sure not to upload that spreadsheet again, as doing so will remove students from all classes that teachers have put them in.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about this. Our team would be happy to check your class and student spreadsheets before you load them.


Add teachers via Hapara Data Loader

If you are a Hapara Admin and you load via Manual Configuration, adding teachers to a class takes just a few steps:

  1. Open your classes spreadsheet or CSV file.
  2. Find the row for the class in question.
  3. Find the Teacher cell for that row.
  4. Add a co-teacher's usernames to the cell, separating it from other usernames with a comma.
    • If you're uploading data with a CSV file, be sure to enclose the list of teachers' usernames within quotation marks, like so: "teacher.1,teacher.2,teacher.3"
    • If your teacher accounts are in a separate domain from your student domain, be sure to specify the teacher domain in the Teacher cell, like so: "teacher.1@domain.org,teacher.2@domain.org"
  5. Reload your classes spreadsheet or CSV file.


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