Hapara Admin's Checklist for the New School Year Follow

Returning to set up Hapara for the new school year? Our Support Team and Implementation Engineers have come together to bring you a checklist that covers every base so that getting Hapara ready again for your teachers, classes and students is easy.

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Hapara Highlights

Returning to Hapara

Q. Is archiving complete?

The process of archiving last year's classes must be complete before classes and students can be loaded for the new school year.

To check the status of archiving in your domain, navigate to the Data Loader's 'Status' page in your Hapara Admin Console.

Q. Are your students still using the same Google Apps domain?

  • A. Yes:

  • No:

    • Because Hapara is installed the Google Apps domain that contains your student users, if your students are transferred to a different Google Apps domain then another Hapara installation will be required.
    • If you require another meeting with one of our Implementation Engineers to shift Hapara into your new student domain, please contact our support team for assistance. 

Q. Are your teachers still using the same Google Apps domain or sub-domain?

Note: If both your teacher and student user accounts are contained in the same domain, please ignore this question.
  • A. Yes:

  • No:

    • If your teacher's user accounts have moved to a new domain or sub-domain, there are a few steps that must be taken in order to grant Hapara the access required. Please contact our Support team for further assistance.

Q. Is your Admin Access Grant still current and valid?

The Admin Access granted by a super administrator of your Google Apps domain must remain current and valid in order for Hapara to access and function in your domain.

If super administrators change, are deleted or suspended, or no longer have super administrator privileges in your domain, this causes loss of functionality with the Hapara Suite.

Because events such as staff leaving the school might revoke this access, we recommend using a 'non human' account to grant this access, eg: admin@studentdomain.

To check whether any of these changes have affected your Admin Access Grant, please refer to Preparing Your Domain for Teacher Dashboard.

  • A. Yes:

  • No:

    • Please make changes as needed to re-grant this access to Hapara by reinstating this user as an active super administrator in your domain, or by re-granting this access while logged in as a user who is a current super administrator in your domain. 

Q. Are your GCDS Exclusion Rules current? 

Note: If you are not using GCDS (Google Apps Directory Sync) or an equivalent, please ignore this question. 

If you are using GCDS (Google Apps Directory Sync) or a similar tool in your domain, it is important to make sure that the Exclusion Rules you have set up for Hapara have also been set up to accommodate for the change in year - as the year suffix in class and year group addresses changes.

  • A. Yes:

  • No:

    • Please update your GCDS Exclusion Rules to apply exceptions to addresses ending in your new year suffix for Hapara.
    • For more information, please see Configuring GCDS for Teacher Dashboard. 

Q. Does access need to be granted to new Hapara Admins or non-teacher users?

  • A. Yes:

    • To grant new Hapara Admins access to the Hapara Admin Console, navigate to the 'Groups' page in your Google Apps Admin Console and add them to the group 'td.administrators'. 
    • To grant Hapara access to users who won't be added as teachers, add them to the group 'td.users' located in your Google Apps Admin Console, as above. 
  • No:

Q. Have new schools been added and configured with School Separation?

Note: If your Hapara configuration is not using School Separation, please ignore this question.

New schools being added to installations using School Separation must be configured in your Hapara Admin Console before they are loaded along with their classes in your new class data loads. 

These settings are located under the 'Configuration' > 'School Configuration' page in your Hapara Admin Console.

  • A. Yes:

  • No:

    • To add new schools to School Separation in your Hapara Admin Console, you will need to add their details (school code, name and years) to the 'Configuration' > 'School Configuration' page, before navigating to the 'Scripting' tab and running the script 'domain_setup'.
    • For more information, please see the steps detailed in Configuring School Separation. 

Q. Do new users need to be added to the Gmail Oversight Group?

Note: If your Hapara configuration is not using the Gmail Viewer or has not enabled the Gmail Viewer's Filtered Access, please ignore this question.

When enabled, the Gmail Viewer's Filtered Access restricts displayed activity to Gmail activity between the teacher and their student only.

  • A. Yes:

    • To add new users to your Filtered Access group, navigate to the bottom of the 'Modules' > 'Gmail Viewer' page in your Hapara Admin Console to locate the name of your Oversight group. Locate the group in the 'Groups' page in your Google Apps Admin Console, and add your new users.
    • For more information about Filtered Access or setting up an Oversight group for your domain, see Gmail Filtered View.
  • No:

Q. Have you prepared your new Classes and Student spreadsheets?

  • A. Yes:

    • If you have already prepared your spreadsheets, after completing this checklist you can go ahead and load your classes and students for the new school year!
  • No:

    • When you are ready to prepare your data for your new class and student loads, follow the steps outlined here.

Hapara Highlights

Q. Has the Hapara Highlights extension been deployed to new student Organisational Units?

  • A. Yes:

  • No:

    • If new student Organisational Units have been created for new students or year levels in your Google Apps domain, you will need to add the Hapara Highlights extension to each Organisational Unit in order for the extension to be pushed out all of your students.
    • To add the extension to your new OU's, please follow the directions outlined in our Highlights Installation Guide.

Q. Has the external IP address or IP address range/s used by students changed?

Note: If you are not using Hapara Highlights IP Address Restriction, please ignore this question.
  • A. Yes:

    • If the IP address used by your students has changed due to new service providers or network changes, these details must be updated in your Highlights' IP Address Restriction settings in order for monitoring to be enabled on your student devices.  
    • To update these settings, please navigate to the 'Modules' > 'Highlights' section in your Hapara Admin Console, and scroll to the bottom of the page to make your changes. 
    • For more information, please see the Highlights Installation Guide.
  • No:

    • Thank you for completing our Hapara Admin's Checklist for the New School Year! If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance.
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