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How do I grant visibility to Hapara for non-teachers (eg: principals, counselors, librarians)?

First, ensure that the user has a valid Google Apps account on your domain (teacher domain, in a multi-domain configuration), then add them to the td.users group (or your local equivalent, if the name has changed). Due to caching, there may be some delay before the user can access Hapara Dashboard, Workspace, or Highlights.

If School Separation is enabled, you can add a user to the td.users.schoolcode group to only grant visibility of this specific school.

How to add users to a group in Google Admin Console.



How do I add a Hapara Administrator?

If you would like to allow access to the Hapara Admin Console for a user, please add them to td.administrators group in your Google Admin Console.

How to add users to a group in Google Admin Console

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