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Once Hapara Dashboard has been populated with classes, you are ready to load students! This article will give you an overview of loading students into Hapara.

What happens when a student is first loaded?

When a student is added to Hapara Dashboard via the Hapara Data Loader, the following actions take place:

  • If the student doesn't have an existing Google Apps account, a new account is created based on the provided Email and First/Last name.
    • You may also have Hapara automatically generate student emails based on provided information and pre-defined settings.
    • If provided, newly created students may be assigned initial passwords, and an option to force them to reset their password upon initial login.
  • If a first and/or last name is provided, the student's name is updated in their Google account.
  • The student is added to the "Students" Google Group that exists for every Hapara domain.
  • A Student Notes document is optionally created within the Drive of the School Apps Owner account. This document is only visible to teachers.
  • For each class to which the student is added:
    • The student is added to the Google Group for the class
    • The student is given read-only permissions to the class calendar (optional)
    • Student Subject folders are created within the class Subject Root folder and shared with the student and teacher (optional)

What happens when existing students are updated?

Whenever student enrollment changes, a new student load needs to occur in order to add or remove students accordingly. When this occurs, the Hapara Data Loader identifies any differences between the current data and the student's most recent upload. These differences are then rectified through corresponding updates to Google Apps in the form of:

  • Google account updates
  • Adding/removing students from Google Groups
  • Adding/removing students from shared calendars
  • Creation of Google Drive folders for any new classes

What do I need to load students into classes?

The only required piece of information to load a student into Hapara Dashboard via the Hapara Data Loader is an account identifier. This can be either:

  • email: Google Apps account username 


  • first name: Legal first name
  • last name: Legal last name
  • preferred name (optional): Preferred name
  • nid (optional): Unique National Student ID  — OR — uid: unique school ID

To add students to classes, the Hapara Data Loader requires a list of class codes corresponding to the Google Group emails for the classes. This data can be provided in multiple forms:

  • One row per student
    Email Class Class Class
    student1 english1 math1 science1
  • One row per student per class
    Email Class
    student1 english1
    student1 math1
    student1 science1
  • Comma-separated classes:
    Email Class
    student1 english1,math1,science1

Note: For more about setting up and formatting class data, please see the Hapara Data Loader User Guide. 

Where do I go from here?

When you are ready to get started, follow the steps outlined in the Hapara Data Loader User Guide, starting with Selecting a Load Method.


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