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This article covers the data required to set up student accounts in Hapara Dashboard.  Classes must to be created before students can be added to them.

Hapara Dashboard configures each student account as follows:

  • Create student account (if required) using provided account name or using a Hapara-generated account
  • Update student first/last name (if required)
  • For new accounts, set password and force password reset on next login
  • Add student to the "students" group
  • Create the Student Notes document
  • Add student to the appropriate "year" group if available (and remove students from other year groups)
  • For each active class enrollment:
    • Add student to the Google Group for the class
    • Give student read permissions to the class Google Site (if any)
    • Give student read permissions to the class calendar
    • Create subject folders and share them with student / teacher (if required)
    • Create student Google Sites and share them with teacher (if required)


Teacher Dashboard figures out the differences between the spreadsheet in its current form and your Google Apps environment, and resolves the differences through appropriate updates to Google Apps (creating student accounts, renaming accounts, creating folders, etc.).


Each row of a student spreadsheet represents a student. Each row must contain enough information to let Hapara obtain or make a student's account. This is done by providing either a student's email address, or enough information for Hapara to make a student's account (see our Hapara Codes blog post).

The spreadsheet must contain the following:

  • An account identifier:
    • email: Google Apps account username 


    • first name: Legal first name
    • last name: Legal last name
    • preferred name: Preferred name
    • nid: Unique National Student ID  — OR — uid: unique school ID
  • class codes: list of classes the student is enrolled in ("room20" in elementary school or a list for a high school: "11ENG-PR, 11MATH-JP, 11SOC-OG", etc.)
    These can be either the group "mailbox" IDs (room20-2011), or the loader can automatically append the current year to the group name as part of the load process.

  • year nr: year number ("8")
    When present, Hapara can automatically display this and manage student membership in a year-level group (year8@mydomain).
  • dob mdy: Date of birth ("5/21/2002")
    When present, Hapara can automatically display the student's current age.
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