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What is public sharing?

In Workspace, teachers have the option (if enabled) to make their Workspace boards publicly visible. When a teacher turns on public sharing for an individual Workspace, it becomes searchable from the Discover page. Teachers are also able to share a public link to their Workspace directly with coworkers. 

The public view of a Workspace contains all of the cards, sections, group names, etc. from the board, but no student information. Student information is never shared publicly. 

Sharing a Workspace publicly is a great way to share lessons within a school, but also with the greater Hāpara community. 

Because of public sharing, your teachers have access to thousands of pre-made Workspace from around the world. To learn more about how teachers can find public Workspaces once they are shared, see this article

We encourage teachers share their Workspaces whenever possible, but please note - if your teachers are creating Workspaces with copyrighted curriculum materials, they should not share them publicly. You can enable public sharing and allow teachers to make this decision on a board-by-board basis, or, if you know most of your Workspaces contain copyrighted materials, you can disable public sharing altogether. 

How to enable/disable public sharing

Public sharing is turned on and off in the Hāpara Admin Console. 

In the Admin Console, navigate to Modules, then Workspace.


To turn public sharing on or off, navigate to the Enable Workspace Sharing section. Then, tick or untick the box next to Enable sharing in Workspace. 


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