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What is Student Dashboard?

Student Dashboard helps learners build the organization and time management skills they need to be successful in a connected world and define their digital learning pathways by bringing together all of their digital school work from Hapara, Google Classroom and Google Drive into one, central location. 

How do learners access Student Dashboard?

Learners can access Student Dashboard by going to: 




In order to access Student Dashboard, the learner must be logged into their Chrome browser using their school-provided email address. 

Note - Student Dashboard is still in beta release and not all schools have access at this time. If you would Student Dashboard turned on for your school, please contact your Engagement Manager. 

What information will be available in Student Dashboard?

Hapara Student Dashboard is a powerful tool that gives learners one-stop access to Google Classroom, Google Drive and Hapara tools. Learners can access: 

  • Announcements from teachers
  • Assignments
  • Due dates
  • Grades
  • Hapara Workspaces
  • Google Drive files
  • Emails from teachers

What's the difference between Student Dashboard and Workspace?

Student Dashboard allows learners to access resources available to them in Workspaces, Google Suite and Google Classroom. 

Can learners access Student Dashboard outside of school hours?

Yes, learners can access their Student Dashboard from any computer or mobile device by using their school email address to log in. 

Why can't learners access Student Dashboard?

If a learner sees the following page when accessing Student Dashboard, make sure they are currently logged into the browser using their school Google account.


If they are already logged in, they should run the Hapara Diagnostics tool to check the configuration. If the learner continues to have issues accessing Student Dashboard, please contact your school's Hapara administrator.


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