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On any given school day, learners have to navigate between multiple digital tools and this causes confusion, lost instructional time and apathy. At Hapara, we're on a mission to empower learners to take control of their learning, increase student agency and promote digital citizenship. The first step of that mission is to consolidate the digital tools they have to access into one, convenient, mobile-friendly platform: Student Dashboard

Hapara Student Dashboard is a powerful tool that gives learners one-click access to work, notifications and resources from Google Classroom, Google Drive and Hapara tools all from a single convenient page.

Learners can access: 

  • Announcements from teachers
  • Assignments
  • Due dates
  • Grades
  • Hapara Workspaces
  • Resources in Drive
Hapara Student Dashboard helps learners build the organization and management skills they need to be successful in a connected world and define their digital learning pathways. With Student Dashboard, teachers will have more time to focus on teaching and can spend less time monitoring student productivity.

Students can access their Student Dashboard by going to the following page:

If you want early access to Student Dashboard please contact your Hapara Customer Manager. 

Student Dashboard functionalities

From Student Dashboard, learners will be able to view the following in the All Classes tab or any of the subject tabs: 

Google Classroom
  • Announcements from teachers 
  • Due dates
  • Grades
  • Live feed of upcoming work and assignments
  • Overdue assignments
  • Returned work
Google Drive
  • Recent files 
  • Shared files 
  • Emails from teachers
  • Hapara Workspaces  
  • Due dates for assigned work 


All Classes tab 



My work



Overdue assignments will be clearly visible to learners as they access their Student Dashboard.



All upcoming assignments with due dates are also clearly visible within Student Dashboard. 



Assignments that do not have a due date are visible as well. 




Notifications appear in reverse chronological order with the latest updates shown on top.  



Notifications can be filtered by type and/or for a specific class:



My resources 

Resources are broken down by the following categories: 

Workspaces  Workspaces by class in chronological order
Recent Files  Recently opened documents
Shared with Me  Recent shared Google documents



Screen_Shot_2019-07-30_at_2.16.47_PM.png .    Screen_Shot_2019-07-30_at_2.17.08_PM.png




Screen_Shot_2019-07-30_at_2.23.34_PM.png .                  Screen_Shot_2019-07-30_at_2.23.21_PM.png

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