Using Workspace for professional learning & development, and adding teachers to groups Follow

Workspace can have teachers added to groups and these teachers would then see the Workspace as though they were a learner. This is an easy way to deliver professional learning and development to teachers in your school.

When creating the Workspace, select “I’ll create my own groups” from below the Classes list:

When in the Workspace, click on the “Students & Groups” option alongside “Workspace” at the top of the page:

Create a group by clicking the Create a new group area shown below on the Students & Groups page.

Add a name for your group, choose a group color (if you'd like a specific one) and then click "Done". Note that this group name will be visible to teachers/learners in the group.

On the left-hand side of the page, below the list of your classes and students is an "Add Teachers" area. You can add teachers' email addresses into the text entry box (it will accept one or more) and then select "Add Teacher".

When you select "Add Teacher" you will see the teachers appear underneath a "Temporary teacher list" heading. Select the teacher's name and drag and drop them from this list into the groups you want them in.

Please Note: while teachers will stay in the groups you add them to, the list on the left-hand side of the page is temporary and will not persist if you leave the page. If you want to add more teachers, or the same teacher to a different group, you'd need to type them in again and drag and drop into the group.

When these teachers log into Workspace they will see the Workspaces they've been added to under "Other Workspaces".

Note that you can be either a teacher/co-teacher on a Workspace, OR be in a group, but not both on the same Workspace.

Get some great examples of Professional Learning & Development Workspaces here.


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