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What is the purpose of Hapara Dashboard?

Schools around the world use Teacher Dashboard to help teachers manage the files, communications, and overall visibility of the work that their students do in Google Apps.


What is the purpose of the Hapara Highlights extension for Chrome browsers?

Highlights is an extension installed on students' school Google Apps accounts to let teachers and administrators see the tabs that students have open in Chrome. Highlights also lets teachers open web pages for students, close web pages for students, and send students messages through Chrome.


What is an extension?

An extension is a piece of software that is installed into another piece of software to augment the functionality of the host software.


Does Highlights allow in-app purchases?



Is Highlights spyware?

Spyware is software that installs itself on a computer without the knowledge of the person on whose computer it has been installed. Spyware then covertly sends information to its creator. Highlights is an extension installed in the Chrome browsers of student computers by school officials to let teachers see students' online activity while they're using their school-issued Google Apps accounts.

Highlights does not function unless a students is logged into the Chrome browser through a school-issued account. Schools generally filter or monitor all internet activity of students, teachers, and administrators. This is generally outlined in schools' acceptable use policies, which students sign at the beginning of each school year. Highlights surfaces that activity to teachers for instructional purposes.


Can Highlights see what we do on home computers?

School officials can restrict Highlights to work only on a school's network and only during certain hours of the day. If neither of those options is enabled, then teachers and administrators will be able to see a student's Chrome browsing activity as long as the student is logged into Chrome with a school-issued Google Apps account.


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