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After listening to the feedback of many teachers and administrators, our incredible product team at Hapara is releasing a big update to Highlights: Pause Screens! This new tool builds upon the powerful Focused Browsing functionality, providing teachers with more flexibility and additional control in the classroom. 

Teachers might want to use this to have learners take a break from what they are doing, transition to another activity or simply get their attention for a moment.

To pause learners' screens, just click "Pause Screens" on the top-right side of the Highlights page.


When you turn on "Pause Screens," a warning message with a 5-second timer will appear letting you know that learners' screens are about to be paused. 



Once Pause Screens is turned on, Hapara Highlights shows that all screens of learners who are online have been paused. Based on your school settings, there is a maximum pause time of 5, 10 or 15 minutes. 


During Pause Screens, your learners will see the following screen on their Chrome browsers, and they will not be able to exit the screen while Pause Screens is turned on.


When you want to end the Pause Screens period, you can either release learners individually or choose to switch off Pause Screens all at once. 

Turning off Pause Screens by individual learner:

Navigate to the learner's Student Tile and click "Release this student."


To release the entire class simultaneously:

Toggle the Pause Screens option to "Off," and all learners' screens will be released. 


Update February 24, 2020:

Schools now have the option to set the maximum amount of time that screens can be paused at 5, 10 or 15 minutes. 

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