New Feature: Shared Class Groups Follow

Note: Shared class groups have been released earlier to schools in the Southern Hemisphere. The new shared class groups will be made available to schools in the Northern Hemisphere at the start of the new School year. If you'd like shared class groups to be turned on for your school please submit a request to the Hapara Support team.

Creating shared groups for classes

Previously, groups could only be set at a class level -- so the same groups were duplicated across all Subject folders (Sub-tabs) for that class.

Now, teachers can choose to set groups at the class level, or to have individual groups per Subject folder (Sub-tab) for each class:


Class Groups interface

The groups interface has been updated and teachers can now create up to 44 individual groups in each class:


Expanded color palette

The groups color palette has been expanded from 10 to 44, this gives teachers more choice in selecting colors that are more applicable to their groups:

Larger color bars

Color bars in student panels have been updated to stretch the full width so teachers can better see which students are assigned to:



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