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After listening to the feedback of many teachers and administrators, our incredible product team at Hapara is releasing a big update to Highlights: Guide Browsing! This new tool builds upon the powerful Focused Browsing functionality, providing teachers with more flexibility and additional options for guiding student online activity.

In the past, Focused Browsing could only be used to open or allow specific pages on student browsers. However, there are often cases in which teachers want to give their students more freedom, while still preventing navigation to a few specific sites. This is why, in Guide Browsing, our team has separated this functionality into two different choices: Focus and Filter sessions.

To begin a Guide Browsing session, just click "Guide browsing" on the top right of the Highlights page.


Then, choose which type of Guided Browsing session you would like to set up:




If teachers want to specify just a few URLs that students cannot access, they can use the new Filter function to do so. Teachers can enter up to 5 pages to block during the session. Once initiated, students will be able to access any site other than the specified sites.

Screen_Shot_2018-12-14_at_11.26.44_AM.pngTo set up the session, just enter the URLs you wish to block and press enter to confirm the link. Then, decide how long you wish the session to last, and whether to apply the session to the entire class or just a group of students. Finally, decide whether to start the session now or schedule it for a future time.



If teachers would rather focus students on specific pages, they can use the Focus session function, which works the same as the former Focused Browsing. Teachers just choose up to 10 URLs to open on student browsers, then once initiated, students will only be able to access the specified pages.

Screen_Shot_2018-12-14_at_11.26.35_AM.pngFocus sessions are set up similarly to Filter, but the URLs entered on the first text box are the only sites that students will be able to access. The only additional option for Focus sessions are in the third option box, where you can decide whether to keep the tabs open at the end of the session, and whether to restore any other tabs that students had open when the sessions was initiated.

Note: Only one session can be active at any given time, and a new session will deactivate any existing sessions. For example, if a teacher begins a Filter session for one hour, then begins a 15-minute Focus session. Once the Focus session is complete, the Filter session will no longer be in effect, and students will be able to access any sites that may have been blocked.


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