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What is the Focused Browsing single sign on whitelist?

Within Highlights, teachers can create a Focus Session to prevent students from navigating to sites other than those specified by the teacher. However, when students need to log in to a website - like a digital text book or state testing websites - with their Google accounts via single sign on (SSO), they are often temporarily redirected to a login page with a different URL than the one the teacher is directing them to.

In the past, teachers had to specify these SSO URLs manually when initiating a Focused Session. Now, however, administrators can set a list of URLs that are always whitelisted across all Focused Sessions in the domain. This saves time for teachers and prevents headaches when student sign-in pages are blocked.

Note: any URLs added to this list will be available to all students in your domain at any time. Be sure to properly vet any URLs that teachers request be added to this list. 

How to set up the SSO whitelist

To specify whitelisted SSO URLs, navigate to Modules => Highlights in the Hāpara Admin Console. Then, scroll down to the Focused Browsing Single Sign-On Whitelist section:


In the text box, enter each URL you would like to whitelist on a separate line. You must include the entire beginning of the URL, including ‘https://’ or ‘http://’. However, you don’t need to include the entire end of the URL -- the system will use a wildcard to match any URLs that begin with the specified path.

As an example, for Google SSO pages, you can begin with the following URLs:

Once you click Save on the settings page, the changes will take about 5 minutes to propagate to students. Once they do, students will be able to sign in to their Google account even if a Focused Session is active.

If you have any questions about this feature, please don’t hesitate to contact support.

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