Release Notes: October 15, 2018 Follow

You asked; we listened. We have made improvements to Hapara Suite to address some of the most commonly requested changes across Dashboard, Workspace, and Highlights. Below are the three most recent improvements to Hapara based on teacher feedback:

Reorder Classes

On the My Classes page, users of Hapara Dashboard can now drag and drop classes so that the classes appear in the teacher’s preferred order.

Just open Teacher Dashboard, and on the default My Classes view, drag-and-drop classes so that they appear in whichever order you like. This allows teachers to order their classes based on the time and/or day that the class is taught.

Reorder Sections in Workspace

In Workspace, teachers can now change the order of sections by moving them up or down after creating them. When a section is moved, the cards within it will maintain their order.

Newly created sections can therefore be moved to the top of the page, if the teacher wishes, or anywhere else in the column.

Sort by Online/Offline in Highlights

Teachers can now sort students in Highlights by whether the student is online. This allows teachers to either focus only on students that are currently online (removing absent students, for example) or to quickly identify students who are offline.

To use this feature, just click the Sort button on the top right of the screen, and choose either “Online First” or “Offline First” to sort students in Highlights accordingly.

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