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Document management settings overview

In addition to the default subject folder view, there are some additional levels of visibility into student work available to teachers. Each of the settings described below is completely optional, and can be enabled or disabled within the Hāpara Admin Console.

To change these settings navigate to the Hāpara Admin Console > Configuration > Optional Settings > Document Management

Google Drive Sharing view                         

When the Google Drive Sharing view option is enabled, teachers will see a tab called Sharing in their default class view.


Within this tab, there are five sub-views: Unshared, Public, External, All Docs, and Deleted Docs:


Unshared: This view displays all documents that are in the student’s Drive but not shared with the teacher for the class. This can be particularly useful when a student forgets to put their assignment in the correct subject folder.

Public: The Public view shows documents that are visible and searchable to anyone on the internet, as opposed to only the within the domain. This view is primarily used to ensure student privacy and safety.

External: The External view is similar to Public, but instead shows documents shared with students from outside the domain.

All Docs: This view displays all documents owned by the student, both within their subject folders and outside of them. This view is best utilized when searching for specific documents within student Drives.

Deleted Docs: This view shows all documents in the student's trash.

Display Read-Only Documents

By default, Hāpara Teacher Dashboard displays all documents, including read-only files. The ability to view read-only documents can be useful, so that teachers know which students have access to a specific document. However, if teachers wish to only view student activity in Dashboard, rather than all files that they have read-only access to, you may wish to disable this option. When Display Read-Only Documents is disabled, Dashboard will only display documents that students can edit.


When Click-to-Share is enabled, any authorized user of Hāpara Teacher Dashboard can gain temporary access to student documents by opening them from Dashboard. The access lasts for just one hour, after which time access is revoked for the user. This option is useful for administrators or other non-teachers who wish to view specific student documents from Dashboard.


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