Release Notes: June 15 - July 15 Follow


  • Sometimes, class information would be out of sync in certain parts of Hapara systems. We've addressed this discrepancy, and class data now syncs accurately across Hapara.
  • If teachers typed a very large amount of text into a Workspace item, they would sometimes see an error messages. This has been fixed!


  • Our team made some major improvements to the way data is stored and processed in the Hapara backend, leading to better consistency and performance across all Hapara products.
  • All Highlights activity between Teachers and Students (opening tabs, closing tabs, sending messages) is now stored for audit purposes.
  • The scripts used for archiving have been updated and improved to reduce errors, increase performance, and handle more edge cases.
  • Within Highlights, teachers can now report problems with Focused Browsing directly to our support team. The option to report any issues with the tool can be found on student panels after initiating a Focused Browsing session. Additional information can be found in our help center article.
  • The process for adding new domains has been made more consistent, and is able to handle a wider variety of types of schools and districts much more easily.

In addition to these changes, our development team has been hard at work improving other areas of Hapara based on your feedback! If you have any questions, feedback, suggestions or concerns, please email – we'd love to hear from you!

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