Focused Session isn't working for Students/Learners Follow

What can cause Focused Browsing to fail?

When a Focused session is active, learners can’t open new tabs, swap to other tabs or browse to new sites or URLs. This helps them to work in a controlled environment (eg. timed exercise) or remove the potential distraction of site browsing.


The following reasons can contribute to the failure of Focused browsing.

  • Network Connectivity to the Student/Learners. Highlights will automatically work to reconnect the student back into the application. Reconnecting the student may take a few minutes for the student to be reconnected.
  • Students/Learners closing their browsers or Chromebooks. When Hapara Highlights recognizes that such event has occurred it attempts to reconnect the student until the student has re-opened their chrome browser or Chromebook.
  • Certain websites requiring additional sign-on(SS0). Certain websites require users to log into another site before being granted access to the page being sought. If that occurs the additional sign-on URL needs to be included in the list of focused browsed sites.
  • Student is offline.  If the student is offline, Focused Sessions will not initiate for the student but once the student is online-focused Session will be engaged for the period of time set.

There are several possible causes of Student is offline including:

  • The student is not at school
  • The student does not have their device switched on
  • The student is not connected to the school network
  • The student is not logged into their Chromebook or browser using their school email address
  • The Highlights extension is not installed in the student's Chrome browser


We have added a functionality that will allow teachers and administrators to directly raise any issues found with focused session with a student.




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