Release Notes: April 15 - June 15 Follow


  • In some occasions, when the Highlights extension for students would fail, there was no fix mechanism in place to restore itself automatically. Now, the extension reboots itself automatically when certain conditions fail.
  • In the Hapara Admin Console, the Analytics page did not contain header links to other modules like Highlights and Workspace. This has been fixed, and menu links in the Hapara Admin Console are now more consistent.
  • Sometimes the Next button on certain pages in the Hapara Admin Console would disappear. This has been fixed!
  • When two Smart Share processes were initialized simultaneously for the same subject, one or both of the processes could fail. The process has been improved so that this uncommon situation is handled properly.
  • Sometimes, Highlights would not show the "School is finished for the day" message when outside specified time restrictions for Highlights. This has been fixed.
  • In rare occasions, invalid student emails were unable to be removed from Dashboard (e.g. an empty email). Now, these invalid student emails can be successfully removed.


  • In Workspace, teachers could only add cards to the top of each column. Now, there is an option to create a card at the bottom of the column of cards.
  • In Workspace, the Edit Workspace option is now much easier to find. It is located on the top right of the page next to the Publish button.
  • Teachers can now view their past Scheduled Browsing sessions, and copy these sessions for future use! You can find additional information on this feature here.
  • Teachers that have classes in multiple student domains can now use Smart Share for classes in either or both domains at once.
  • We have released a new Highlights extension that fixes various performance issues and improves overall reliability. This new extension also takes advantage of some new technologies that will improve speed and the overall experience for teachers.
  • The Current Screens page on Highlights is now more accurate and up-to-date. Previously, the current screens would only load when the class was opened, but now they load when teachers actually navigate to the Current Screens page.

In addition to these changes, our development team has been hard at work improving other areas of Hapara based on your feedback! If you have any questions, feedback, suggestions or concerns, please email – we'd love to hear from you!

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