Release Notes: Mar 3 - Apr 6 Follow


  • In some cases, teachers or administrators would see classes that were no longer active (for example, classes loaded for inactive Google domains). Now, users only see active classes in Hapara Dashboard.
  • School-level administrators were briefly unable to access the Hapara Admin console. This was addressed and quickly resolved by our development team.
  • In Workspace, students would sometimes see a message that work was overdue, when in fact the work had been submitted on-time. This has been fixed, and students no longer receive this erroneous warning.


  • There is now an option in the Data Loader to remove all students not listed in the uploaded file. For more information, click here.
  • In some student information systems, students are marked as "graduated" when they graduate the school. This tag is now supported by Hapara, so these students are processed correctly by some backend services.

In addition to these changes, our development team has been hard at work improving other areas of Hapara based on your feedback! If you have any questions, feedback, suggestions or concerns, please email – we'd love to hear from you!

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