Deploy Highlights extension to managed PCs Follow

If your school/district is using Windows or Apple Machines with Chrome browsers rather than Chromebooks, the process to deploy the Highlights extension is slightly different.

Rather than use the Chrome Management settings in the Google Admin console, you can deploy the extension on a device basis using Chrome Browser policies on managed PCs.

Deploying the extension in this way overrides any user-level settings, so the extension will be installed on the device even if there are no users logged in to the Chrome browser.

To begin, open the template file containing the device policies – this file can be found using the instructions provided by Google and differs by operating system.

Once you have opened this file, add the following string depending on your configuration:

Windows (Windows clients):
Software\Policies\Google\Chrome\ExtensionInstallForcelist\1 = "kbohafcopfpigkjdimdcdgenlhkmhbnc;"


Windows (Google Chrome OS clients):
Software\Policies\Google\ChromeOS\ExtensionInstallForcelist\1 = "kbohafcopfpigkjdimdcdgenlhkmhbnc;"




These strings are based on Chromium configuration settings provided by Google.

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