Release Notes Summary - August 2016 Follow

Product Improvements

3 Aug - Data Loader Release

  • Added Class Extraction feature to Google sheet for Sync Configuration page. This spreadsheet is mainly for data validation purposes - it will not be imported via the Sync page. This feature is also used by a handful of schools who load Classes via Manual Load and load Students via Sync. This case is described in detail in Advanced Clever and PowerSchool Integration.
  • Introduced sorting for Data Loader Status page.
  • Improved error message displayed when invalid details are entered during configuration

5 Aug: Improved Data Loader Error messages

7 Aug - Data Loader Release

  • Intercom and Help Widget added to the Data Loader pages.
  • Improvements to "Folder Set Up" pages of Manual and Sync Configuration pages.

10 Aug - Data Loader Release

  • If School Separation is enabled, the Data Loader Sync feature now only extracts data for the schools listed in Hapara Admin Console > Configuration > School Configuration. This applies to both Clever and PowerSchool synchronization.
  • The text shown when the Archiving page is disabled has been improved.

15 Aug: Improvements to Site, Blogs, Calendar section of Sync and Manual Configuration wizards.

16 Aug: The bottom (detail) table on the Data Loader Status page now displays up to 30 rows.

17 Aug: Help Widget has been added to Highlights.

18 Aug - Data Loader Release

  • Added a new Load Report folder to accumulate Data Load Reports and discontinue cluttering up school.apps.owner Root Drive and Admin's 'shared with me' drive section. This folder is accessible by users in the td.administrators and the schools.apps.owner account.
  • Small changes to Data Loader landing page to clarify steps.

 Bug Fixes and Back End Improvements

1 Aug - Minor Release

  • Fixed an issue where Smart Share was incorrectly displaying an error, while successfully completing the share if 'ok' was clicked.

3 Aug - Data Loader Release

  • Fixed student extraction via Clever from intermittent crashing.
  • Fixed issue where student folder creation was intermittently failing.
  • Disabled Archive Classes page when SIS daily sync is enabled
  • Removed confusing 'spinning loading' icon from Data Loader Status page, added “Refresh” button

5 Aug - Data Loader Release

  • Improvement Data Loader header
  • Fixed home page links for Manual, Sync and URL to open in same Browser tab
  • Edited School ID field for PowerSchool Sync
  • Locked Manual Load page until Manual Configuration completed

8 Aug - Dashboard Release

  • Fixed a bug where the student panels were not updating to show recently Smart Shared documents.
  • Fixed issue where Smart Share was still retaining class name on the selected panel on the right when the class has been deselected on the left class list pane.

18 Aug - Dashboard Release

  • Improved error handling when Google Drive is disabled for a student's OU.
  • Introduced exponential backed off retry for Google Task Queue Overquota Errors
  • Improved opcode for Drive rate limit error handling
  • Fixed an issue with Student Notes due to change of DNS resolution from haparaview to hapara-dashboard. Now links directly to backend.
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