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What is Hāpara Analytics?

Hāpara Analytics provides actionable, objective information relevant to educational leaders about their school and/or district adoption of G Suite for learning. 

Analytics looks at G Suite usage to provide information about things like how often teachers and students are collaborating online, how much time is being spent on school work in and out of school hours and much more.

If you require access to Analytics, please contact your Hāpara Account Manager.
This is a direct link for Administrators or Curriculum Leaders to access Hāpara Analytics.

How to filter data in Hāpara Analytics

Your domain's data can be refined by a number of attributes for both teacher and student information to help ensure all students are receiving equitable digital learning experiences.

Teacher graphs can be refined by school:

Student graphs can be refined by the following attributes:

    • School
    • Grade
    • Gender
    • Ethnicity
    • English Language Learner status
    • Free and Reduced Lunch status
    • Individualized Education Program status

After you have refined your graphs, you can export the list of teachers or students associated with a graph, and the exported list will reflect the refinements.


Before Analytics can report on these teacher and student attributes, they must be loaded to Hāpara using the Load from CSV tool available in Hāpara Admin Console > Modules > Analytics > Load from CSV section.

Which teachers and students does Analytics analyze?

Existing Hāpara customers

If your institute is an existing Hāpara customer using Dashboard, Highlights and/or Workspace, then Hāpara already knows about teachers and students using these products, and Analytics will report on them.

If you want to report on additional teachers and students, you need to import the extra teachers and students. Two methods for importing teachers and students are described below.

Analytics only customers

Analytics only customers must import the teachers and students that they want Analytics to graph, so that Analytics knows which teachers and students to analyze.

How to import teachers and students to Hāpara Analytics

Analytics provides two methods to import teachers and students. They are available on the Hāpara Admin Console > Modules > Analytics page, and are called:

  1. Load from OU
  2. Load from CSV

Which Method to Use

We strongly recommend using the Load from OU method. Once this method is set up (as described here), changes to your student and teacher population are automatically imported weekly.

Some customers find that the way their OUs are structured does not cleanly separate the teachers and students from other staff (such as cleaners, institute management, parents). These customers may prefer the Load from CSV method described here

Accessing the Hāpara Analytics user guide

The extensive Hāpara Analytics user guide is available in product.

Each Hāpara Analytics page contains several context-sensitive help icons  which, when clicked, open a page of resources related to the area being viewed.


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