Data Loader Load Reports location changed - Aug 2016 Follow

We've heard your feedback about Data load reports.  Data load Status reports now have their own folder so they do not crowd the Shared with me view in your Google Drive.

All new Data loads will result in the Load Report being saved to a Load Reports which is located in your Google Drive Shared with me view as shown below.  

Note: Load Reports generated before this change will still be in Shared with me but all new reports will be saved to the new Load Reports Folder as shown above.


As before the Load Report file name will be appended with the Load ID visible in the Load ID column of the Load History table.  

To find the report for a specific load search in the Load Reports folder of Google Drive using the Load ID from the Load History table in TD Admin.


The Load Report folder is shared with all members of the td.administrators group as well as the School Apps Owner accounts.  


For multi school setups, the Load Report will be available for each school and shared with the appropriate td.administrators and School Apps Owner accounts for the relevant school.



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