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Using the Data Loader Manual Load page, you can load a CSV file or Google Sheet containing either class or student information.

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Configuration Setting Summary

The Manual Load page uses the configuration specified in the Manual Configuration page. This section summarizes the configuration and asks you to confirm that it is correct. Please check all of the settings in this section carefully before loading data. It is much easier and quicker to correct errors before a file has been loaded than after.

If the configuration is incorrect, or you would like to make any changes, click the pencil icon on the top right of the section to edit these settings. There is more information in our Manual Configuration article.

Once you have confirmed that all settings are correct, click Next to move to the next step.

The next section has two primary objectives: file selection, and load settings.

File selection

First, you'll specify whether you are loading a CSV or Google Sheet. If you are uploading a Google Sheet, choose that option, and you'll see an option to either locate the file via name, or via document key. Whichever option you choose, first ensure that the document is shared with your School Apps Owner account (usually school.apps.owner@yourdomain.com). 

If you choose to locate the file by name, start typing the name of the file in the field below, and you'll see a list of options appear. Sometimes, you may have multiple files with the same or similar names, so make sure you give your file a unique name so that you do not choose the incorrect file.

If you locate the file using the "Document Key”, you'll see instructions for how to find the document key from the URL for the file, which you would then paste into the Document Key field. This option is much less common, and we recommend searching by name in most cases.

If you choose to load a CSV file instead, simply choose that option, then find the file on your computer with the Choose File button.

Loading Settings

This section contains three additional options for loading data:

Reprocess every student/class

By default, Hāpara will only update student records that it detects have changed from the previous load. In other words, if a student's classes remain the same as the last time you loaded, the student will be skipped in the upload.

If you select the option to reprocess every student/class, however, Hāpara will update all records (classes or students) found in the file, regardless of whether they have changed from the previous load. In general, this option is not necessary unless changes have occurred to classes or students outside of data loads that you wish to revert.

If you are unsure, leave this box unchecked or contact support.

Remove every student not listed in the uploaded data

In the past, all data loads were incremental – as new students and classes were detected in a load, they were added to the roster. However, any students missing from the data load who had been previously loaded would not be removed.

If this box is checked, any student not listed in the file will be removed from all classes. 

Important Note: DO NOT enable this option if:

  1. You are unsure of how your data sync works.
  2. You do not include all students with every sync.
  3. You are doing a partial data load

Once this option is enabled, any students not included in a data load will be removed from the Class Rosters in Hāpara. As a result teachers will lose visibility into these students' work and students will lose access to Hāpara Workspace and Hāpara Student Dashboard.

More information about this setting can be found here.

(Class only) Allow classes from multiple years to be loaded

By default, Hāpara will only allow classes from one school year to be loaded at a time. If you try to upload a class with a different year value from any of the existing classes in Hāpara, the load will terminate. If you want classes from multiple years to exist in Hāpara simultaneously, check this box.

If you are unsure, leave the box unchecked or contact support.


  • Depending on the volume of data in the file, the load can take a long time, ranging from a few minutes to hours. The progress of the load can be followed on Status page.
  • The Data Loader will stop processing the rows as soon as it finds a blank row. That is, data below the first blank row is ignored. However, we do not recommend that you use blank rows to intentionally ignore data below those rows. Only include data in your file that you wish to be processed.
  • If the name of a tab in your Google Sheet starts with an asterisk ( e.g. "*Welcome!" or “****Overview****” ), the Data Loader completely ignores this tab. 

Start Load

Clicking on the “Start Load” link will begin the load of your data into Hāpara.



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