Hāpara Data Loader - Archive Classes tab Follow


Hāpara products show classes that are currently being taught in a school or school district. At the end of semesters or academic years, classes that have ended should be archived. Archiving should be done before new classes are loaded.

Classes are archived via the Data Loader Archive Classes page.

You can perform a full archive—archiving all current classes in Hāpara—or a partial archive, where you specify a list of classes to archive. The latter is useful at the end of semesters if you have courses that only run for one semester.

Archiving can take a while to complete. The Data Loader Status page can be used to monitor the progress of your archiving run, or to view the results of historic archiving runs.

The article Archiving Classes and The New Academic Year describes what archiving does from the teacher and student perspectives, how to run the archiving process and more. 


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