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Welcome to the Hapara Data Loader!

The Hapara products (Dashboard, Highlights, Workspace, and Analytics) need to know about your students, teachers, and classes. The Data Loader provides ways to load this information into Hapara. It supports:

  • bulk loads of student, teacher and class information into Hapara
  • one-off loads and scheduled daily synchronizing loads
  • loading from CSVs, Google Sheets or directly from Clever, PowerSchool,Classlink RosterServer
  • archiving your classes at the end of the school year


If you are new to Hapara, start by selecting your preferred Load Method.



The Data Loader section of the Hapara Admin Console contains these pages:

Data Loader Page



Shows the Data Loader overview page (as shown above).


Shows the results of current and history data loads and archiving runs.

Manual Configuration

Configure how you want the Manual Load Method to behave.

Manual Load

Load a CSV or Google Sheet (applying the Manual Configuration settings).

URL Load

How to load a CSV into Hapara by posting the file to a URL.

Sync Configuration

Configure how you want the Sync Method to behave.


Enable / disable the Sync Method.

Account Creation

Configures how Hapara creates email accounts for your students.

Archive Classes

Archive classes at the end of the school year.


Other important articles include:



  • PowerSchool is an American student information systems (SIS).
  • ClassLink RosterServer is an American student information systems (SIS)
  • Clever is an American integration tool that several SISs (listed here).
  • Kamar is a NZ based Student Management System (SMS)



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