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Most schools generate their own Google accounts for their students, and then inform Hapara of the names of those student accounts via the Manual Load, Sync or URL Load Methods.

In rare cases, schools want Hapara to create student accounts. The student account email address can be specified in the Students file or generated using the setting in the Data Loader "Account Creation" page.

If, while loading a Students file, Hapara finds the student email address does not exist in the school domain, and the student First Name and Last Name are specified, then Hapara will create a student account.

Any email address created is always in lowercase (even if the corresponding entry in the Students File is not lowercase).


Student Password

You can state the default password to use for new student accounts. This can be overridden using a "password" column in your student data spreadsheet. If this field is blank, Hapara assigns a random password to new student accounts.


Student Email Generation Algorithm

You can state the algorithm used to generate email addresses for new student accounts that do not have an email account specified. If you choose the option “None” then Hapara will not load a student that does not have an email address specified in the Students file.

Note: The above settings are used by the Manual Load, Sync and URL Load Methods.

Note: If you have purchased an “unprovisioned” Hapara product (such as Reseller Highlights) then this page will be hidden, and Hapara will not create student accounts.


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