Hapara Dashboard Improvements - July 2016 Follow

We are excited to share news of significant upgrades to Hapara Dashboard in July 2016.  

Based on feedback received from our customers, we have updated Dashboard with a simpler, more modern user interface. All the same great functionality in a smoother, faster package.

Below you can find highlights of the improvements and instructions for how to access new features.

Upgrade Instructions

To access the upgraded Hapara Dashboard, customers will need to reload their browsers.  

  • Close any browser tabs or windows that have teacherdashboard.com or sub pages open (this includes Highlights and Workspace pages).
  • Delete any old bookmarks to Teacher Dashboard classes in the browser.
  • Open a new tab or browser page and navigate to teacherdashboard.com to select the class you want to view.
  • Re-bookmark the page.


Smart Share Performance Improvements

We are thrilled to announce that we have made significant improvements to the performance of Smart Share over the past few months. Smart Share Jobs now completed 5 times faster than last year.


Read-only Documents in Dashboard

Dashboard allows teachers to view read-only files within the learner panels and in the Sharing tab.  The document preview indicates whether the document is read-only.

This enables teachers to view Google Classroom assignments submitted for grading.  In addition, teachers are also able to view documents that have been shared via Smart Share using the read-only or read-comment options.  

Teachers can view read-only documents by default. If you wish to disable this so that read-only documents don't show in Dashboard your school admin can change it via the Hapara Admin Console.  The setting can be found under Configuration > Display Options > Display Student Read-Only Documents


General Performance Improvements

Besides all the user interface goodies in the new upgrade you will also notice quicker load times especially for larger classes. On average you should notice 15% - 20% quicker load times for pages in Dashboard. 


Design Changes

Dashboard now uses the same learner panel design as the Highlights and Workspace modules.

Simplified header

Learner panels have been simplified by removing the learner icon, making the edges square and moving the options to a menu to reduce clutter.

Collapsible menu

The menu options that previously appeared along the learner panel header are now accessed via the ‘...’ menu

Fixed Height Learner Panels

Learner panels now retain a consistent height based on the number of items you select to display, making it easier to quickly scan the page.

Dealing with many Folders

Previously, for schools with many folders or long folder names, Dashboard used multiple rows to display all of the folder names, and these extra rows overlapped the learner panels. Now, Dashboard handles large numbers of folders by adding a “More” button with a dropdown list.


Smart Share

The Smart Share window and progress popups have been restyled.









Manage Classes Updates

The Manage Classes page has been updated to the simpler, cleaner interface style. The navigation has also been simplified to show "My Classes" and "All Classes" which contains all classes that a teacher has access to. Classes that have been starred appear in "My Classes", classes that are not starred will be found in "All Classes".

There are now more colour options available for classes in the edit screen where you can also change the class alias / nickname.


Class Info Updates

The Class Info page has been updated to the simpler, cleaner interface style. All learners are now shown in a single panel with available actions above.


Add Co-teachers

The new Class Info page will allow admins and teachers to add co-teachers to classes if your school admin enables this option in the Hapara Admin Console. This option can be found under Configuration > Display Options > Class and Student Management


If this option has been enabled by the school admin, teachers will be able to select "Add new" from the Teachers section on the Class Info page and add themselves or other teachers to the class.


Copy Learners' Emails

The Learners section of the Class Info page allows teachers to copy the Email addresses of selected learners in the class to their clipboard by using the Copy option.

To Copy Learners:

  1. Tick the checkbox next to the learners you want to copy.  To copy the email addresses of the entire class, select the checkbox at the top of the Learners list.
  2. Select the Copy option.
  3. Click the Copy to Clipboard button.



Interact Retired and Replaced with Highlights

On July 9 of this year we will discontinue the Hapara Interact product. If you were a customer with Interact and have not yet initiated Highlights, Hapara’s Chrome screen visibility and interaction tool that replaces Interact, you can do this at any time. Our revised install guide walks you through the process, step by step, and you can book a 30 minute session with our team to help you make the switch. Getting access to Highlights requires action on your part. Please make the change as soon as possible!



Automatic Updates and Customer Notifications

An improvement in the new Hapara Dashboard is the ability to inform customers of new updates and, if required, to perform an automatic refresh of Hapara tools to ensure you are using the most up-to-date version.  

The new in-product customer communications will show in the bottom-right of your screen when you are using Hapara Dashboard, Highlights or Workspace:

When you click on this it will expand to show any new product features released as well as any support notifications. You can minimise or close these at any time.


Can I continue to use the old interface after 9th July

The simple answer is no. This is a mandatory upgrade for all users.  

After 9th July if you have not followed the upgrade instructions above, you may find Dashboard unresponsive.  You can resolve this issue yourself by refreshing your browser (as per the above upgrade instructions) to gain access to the new version of Dashboard.


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