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Hāpara Highlights is a browser-based application that helps teachers see what learners are doing in near-real-time in their Chrome browser. Highlights uses a Chrome extension that is force-installed on each student account.

Highlights promotes positive teacher-learner engagement with increased opportunities for formative assessment in the moment and reinforcement of pro-learning behaviors. Highlights was not designed as a command and control, comprehensive filtering and monitoring system. The teacher’s ability to control student devices is limited and short term by design. Stronger pre-emptive interventions such as session recording and longitudinal history tracking are not part of Highlights. 

Please note: The following screenshots may vary slightly if you have a device licensed account. Please be aware when you try to compare screens as you follow this guide.


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Highlights Installation Guide
1. Setting G Suite for education policies  6. Shared device best practices (optional) 
2. Pushing Out the student extension  7. Privacy: time/IP restrictions 
3. Verifying student extension connectivity  8. Enabling Highlights 
4. Network access/whitelisting  9. Highlights browser compatibility  
5. G Suite for Education device settings (optional)   
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