Pushing Out the Student Extension: Summary Follow

Please make sure you've completed the following steps:

 You selected the appropriate OU's for the Highlights extension or you have decided to push the extension out at the root of the domain to all users (inert for teachers and non-Hapara users).
 You removed the Interact extension (existing customers only)
 You saved your work in two places. Notified the Corporal and the Sergeant!


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Highlights Installation Guide
1. Setting G Suite for Education Policies   6. Shared Device Best Practices (Optional) 
2. Pushing Out the Student Extension(Viewing) 7. Privacy: Time/IP Restrictions 
3. Verifying Student Extension Connectivity  8. Enabling Highlights 
4. Network Access/Whitelisting  9. Highlights Browser Compatibility  
5. G Suite for Education Device Settings (Optional)   


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