How to Remove Students from Classes Follow

Note: If your student is leaving the school, please navigate to the article Managing Students Leaving the School.

If your school uses SIS integration with Hapara Dashboard, you may find that your classes in Dashboard still contain students who have withdrawn from your school or district. To remove such students from their classes in Dashboard, please follow these steps:

  1. Make a CSV file named remove_students.csv.
  2. On the first row of the CSV file, type the word "email".
  3. On each subsequent row of the file, list the Google Apps username of one student who should be removed from classes.
  4. Go to the Data Loader > Load Data from CSV File tab of your Hapara admin console.
  5. Click Choose File.
  6. Find and select the your remove_students.csv file.
  7. Click Upload CSV File for Processing.
  8. Go to the Data Loader > Status tab of your Hapara admin console.
  9. Click the top row of the Load History table.
  10. In the Load Details table below, read the log messages to ensure that students are being removed from their classes.
  11. To refresh the Load Details table, simply click the corresponding row of the Load History table again.
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