What causes "student device is not responding"? Follow

Quick tip: Hapara Highlights has a self-diagnostic check that is run from a student device, and can resolve some commonly experienced issues, including blank student panels.


Sometimes a Highlights student panel displays the message "student device is not responding".

This message is displayed when Highlights has recently been successfully communicating with the student device, but now for whatever reason, cannot communicate with the student device any longer.

Common causes of this situation are:

  • Intermittent WiFi or network connectivity
  • The student has closed the lid of their laptop
  • The student has just turned off their computer

If the student device stays unresponsive for a few minutes, the student panel will update to "Student is offline"

If the student device starts communicating again, the "student device is not responding" message will automatically disappear.

To attempt diagnosing further, we recommend running a self-diagnostic check from the Student device. 




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