Sending messages to learners Follow

The Send Message feature lets you send targeted messages to selected students, groups or the whole class.


Sending a message

To send a message to your students:

  • Click on the Send Message icon . This will open the Send Message panel.
  • Select your recipients. You can select 1 or more students, specific groups or your entire class by clicking on the appropriate icons (see below).
  • Type in the message you want to send to your students. This message can be up to 170 characters long. 
  • Click the Send Message button. Within seconds, your students will receive your message.


Student experience

When your students receive the message, it appears on their screens as a Chrome notification like this:

As of April 2020: If students have turned off Chrome notifications, the message will come through as a pop-up that students need to acknowledge before it leaves the screen. 

Note: Currently, students cannot reply back to the message you send them.

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